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Project Implementation Unit

To implement Jūrmala Water Engineering Development Project, a Project Implementation Unit was established within the structure of Limited Liability Company „Jūrmalas ūdens” in Year 2001, including preparation of the bylaws of the Project Implementation Unit and approval of the same by Jūrmala City Council.

The principal tasks of the Project Implementation Unit are the following:

  • To assure successful implementation of the project
  • To act as the central unit for the coordination of technical, administrative, and financial matters to assure efficient implementation of the project at LLC „Jūrmalas ūdens” and Jūrmala Municipality
  • To coordinate the cooperation with all sponsors of the project within the limits of its competence
  • To maintain communication with all institutions involved in the project in order to ensure coordination of the project
  • To coordinate and participate in organisation of tenders, purchase and order procedures within the project
  • To ensure exchange of information between the parties involved in the project
  • To acts within the limits of its competence to prepare detailed plans, including the investment budget, tender plans, time schedules, and financial flows
  • To verify the submitted invoices and the justification documents for the work performed within the project.

The Project Implementation Unit consists of three employees: head, economist, and technical expert. Currently, the most essential task in the daily work is the implementation of the 2nd stage of Jūrmala Water Engineering Development Project and successful implementation of the PURE Project. Nonetheless, other employees of LLC „Jūrmalas ūdens” are involved in the project in addition to the Project Implementation Unit in order to support successful implementation of it.

The project administration costs are entirely covered from the funding provided by LLC „Jūrmalas ūdens” and included in the project’s total expenditure as part of the non-attributable costs.

Within Stage I of the Project, a service agreement to support the Project Implementation Unit was signed on request of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and after provision of funding. Support was provided in direct cooperation through consultancy services and organisation of technical, financial, and project management seminars. The cooperation under the Agreement took place between years 2003 and 2007.

For further details regarding the implementation of Jūrmala Water Engineering Development Project, please, contact the Project Implementation Unit at:

LLC „Jūrmalas ūdens”, Jūrmala, Promenādes iela 1a, Room 17
Phone: +371 67811384; Fax: +371 67811376 

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